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London is a world leader, with qualities in the arts, trade, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional administrations, research and improvement, tourism and transport add to reputation. It is the largest financial focus. 

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Look at some late photos of London in 2012, places and occasions around the UK as the commencement to the Games continues. 

London is a world within a city “and is not vacant rhetoric and beautiful girls. The brilliant, high achievement here is that immigrants, while the blood of the city life to stream and contribute their vitality and society of the pot combination of capital and hot, London, typically British feel, whether angular black cabs, red twofold decker transports. 

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The historical underpinnings of the name of London is uncertain. There have been many theories advanced over the course of the hundreds of years about the origin of the name: most can be rejected as fanciful linguistic or historical reasons, while a couple have a level of verisimilitude. Nobody has any definitive confirmation 

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